• Great Again


    From the ashes of a dystopic timeline that forsaw the destruction of our great nation, to the reality of a triumphant Trump victory, America Rises to once again defend life and Liberty with the help of Kek the Lord of Chaos and Christ, the Lord of all Lords.

    By Jon Proby Dimension 24 x 36
  • Potus

    Donald J Trump stands as the leader that We the People have voted for and thrown our support behind in our desire to save our once great nation and return it to its former glory. His courage in the face of unrelenting adversity shall be our resurrection. An original portrait of Donald J. Trump by Jon Prby Dimension 18 x 24
  • Set amongst a backdrop of a bombed out neighborhood in Syria, The forces of the global political establishment are seen relishing their position as the dictators of the mainstream narrative that envelops the minds of 100's of millions worldwide. Set above a sky overlooking the disastrous results of a failed foreign policy, the forces of the Resistance gathers like ominous storm clouds over the Lords of Chaos. The Champions of Truth, Honor, Nation, and God unite to bring divine retribution to the Tyrants of our Age.  Acrylic on Canvas completed October 2016. By John Proby Dimension 16 x 20